Real-time traffic forecasting with PTV Optima in Erfurt
Are you ready for real-time?
PTV Optima is the key to successful traffic management. This model-based solution provides accurate traffic information across the entire network in real time and offers reliable forecasting for up to 60 minutes. Thanks to PTV Optima, traffic management centres can provide their own teams and road users alike with current and future traffic information by automated means. In order to achieve this, PTV Optima combines proven offline traffic modelling with real-time data and algorithms. PTV Optima is also a reliable aid in decision making, as traffic management strategies are modelled in real time and their impacts forecasted.

Erfurt´s success story

The application of PTV Optima to the city of Erfurt is particularly exciting. With the help of real-time forecasting, it has been possible to optimise the flow of traffic in the narrow streets of the Thuringian state capital and to demonstrably reduce environmental damage.
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Read the reference report to find out how the city planners in Erfurt managed to achieve increased traffic flow and a decrease in air pollution.

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